Research and Consultancy Service

BacBon Research and Consultancy Service

BacBon has a dedicated Research and Consultancy wing. This wing is consisting of University faculties, trained staffs and industry experts. We support conducting both qualitative and quantitative research based on primary and secondary data. The objective of our research wing is to create knowledge and policy recommendation to enhance information and evidence-based interventions through collecting scientific and sound and publicly available data. As per the findings of the action research, the organization analyze the impact of different interventions as well as takes innovative ideas and approaches for program planning and design.

Why Choose BacBon for Your Research needs:

  • Have a strong researchers and consultants team consisted? of university faculties, industry experts, etc.
  • Have 100+ expert Surveyors from reputed universities.
  • Have dedicated & Committed support team.
  • Have 8+ years’ experience on International Projects.
  • Conduct rigorous training session for surveyors to collect accurate data.
  • Monitor & evaluate research tasks in every steps.

Following steps are followed in our research activities:

  • Step 01: Collect surveyors by BacBon Tutors app & web platforms/others sources.
  • Step 02: Check academic & expertise LVL screening (online/face to face)
  • Step 03: Conduct training online/offline for the surveyors.
  • Step 04: Monitor & evaluate each survey for accuracy & perform data input.
  • Step 05: Analyze data & write report for the clients.
In addition to research & consultancy, BacBon provides dedicated survey support as we have a skilled and well-trained surveyors’ team.

Our Valued Research & Survey Clients

World Bank, Asian Development Bank Bangladesh, JICA Bangladesh, The University of Tokyo, PADECO, NPO e-Education-Japan, Net-Learning Japan, Panasonic.