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    Solar Lanterns Helping Students on the Path to University: e-Education Bangladesh.


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    We believe that the power of education can shape or break a nation
    and it is our ultimate goal to provide best education, for everyone.


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    We turn an ordinary pen, paper concept into a decent software
    product that is going to ease your daily workload.


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    Making your life easy and fresh is our first priority and by implementing smart
    solution in your everyday life is going to make your work life a soothing experience.

Who we are?

BacBon Limited has been established as a Social Enterprise in 2013.

BacBon Limited was established as a Social Enterprise in 2013. The aim of establishing the company is to feat the modern ICT innovation for the enhancement of the quality education of Bangladesh and Reduce the gap between rural and urban areas by ensuring access to quality education for all. BacBon believes that connectivity between ICT and Education is the critical enabler of the people's socio-economic development in this era. Thus, it focuses to feat all potential advantages of ICT innovation for the improvement of Education.


Proud Members, BASIS, BCS, JBCCI


Our Services

"BacBon Limited" with a varied range of experience on customer-satisfactory strategy.

Software Development

"Software Development" is a well-established IT Section of "BacBon Limited" with a varied range of experience.

BacBon School

We craft learning journeys for every student that address their unique needs.

BacBon Tutors

Best tutors, at your doorstep! We are always open to provide high quality education.

BacBon Multimedia

BacBon Multimedia is committed to delivering excellent service and quality.

SLC (Smart Lecture Correction)

Top quality corrections of the correctors are key to the success of this service.

Audio Visual Content Development

BacBon provides any kinds of Audio-Visual Content Development Services.

Our Mission & Vision

BacBon believes, in this era, connectivity between ICT and Education is the key enabler of socio-economic development of the people.


  • Create a sustainable and unique platform of Quality Education .
  • Provide Top Quality IT & IT Enable Service
  • Provide high-quality Research & Consultancy Service
  • Provide top quality integrated teaching solution


  • ICT innovation to achieve SDG-04: Ensure Quality Education for All.
  • be a leading High-Quality IT & IT Enable Service Providing Company of Bangladesh
  • be a leading high-quality Research & Consultancy Service providing company
  • be top Integrated Teaching Solution providing company

Our Product

We are Providing technology based smart Class to educational institutions. Both of Online & Offline Model.

LED Interactive Display

Breakthroughs happen faster when your teams can gather meeting notes, documentation and inspiration.

Multimedia whiteboard

It can be controlled through administrator through network (use with Conference, School & Teaching management platforms)

IR Interactive Whiteboard

Dimension/weight: 1750*1250*35mm/28kg, Aspect Ratio: 1670*1175cm, Active size: 4:3, Color: Silver.

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