Scope & Objectives of The LMS

The Learning Management system is an integral part of the proposed project that will keep track of the broad audience and deliver a trace a deal of students’ interaction with course materials. All the provided devices/tabs will be fed with 600+ video contents for Science,Business and Humanities. The system offers offline video content watching facilities and take participation for exams/test session. User/Learners activities will be synchronized automatically to the dashboard when users/learners are online.


LMS dashboard is acting as the visual presentation of the Performance Indicators related to the learners’ activities at a glance. Panels can be used to monitor real-time course progress, spot trends, and identify trouble spots. This means you can know precisely how to get the most out of your training initiatives. The dashboard will show how many users/learners are currently being registered, how may devices/tables be distributed, total contents fed into devices, and exams/tests been set for learners. Besides, it will also display list of registered learners with their necessary details (e.g. gender, age, mobile number, location, and last time their data to be synchronized).